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As far as Greater Oklahoma City goes, OKC Roofing Construction rules the roost of local commercial building markets. Its premier status is well-deserved and hard-earned by three decades of sustained dedication to outstanding service. By employing nothing less than the best available technologies and construction techniques, we consistently affect superior results for our clients. Even better new is that we accomplish this feat at a cost that no competitor can even come close to touching with a ten-foot 2 X 4!

Dial: 405-518-5605

Dial: 405-518-5605

You can fully trust and place total confidence in us as the best resource for all your Oklahoma commercial roofing-related needs and desires. Below are just a few major examples of the kind of commercial roofing expertise we have to offer:

Newly Built Structures. We work tirelessly to prevent everything from caving in on you – quite literally – by constructing a solid roof to shelter your burgeoning enterprise.

Re-roof projects. Whether you require recent construction services or existing structure improvements, are specialties are all commercial re-roofing jobs of any type or size.

Roofing repair. Based on the extent of roof damage, repair may be your best bet to conserve scarce capital. Fortunately, we can fix your current roof for a small percentage of its replacement cost. Prior to driving the first nail, our professional consultants make an on-site visit to fully assess and accurately estimate costs and provide valuable advice.

By doing business with OKC Roofing Construction, you also form a partnership with the best reputation in town for exceptional quality and efficient performance of professional services. Our team members have outstanding work ethics and labor non-stop from sunrise to sunset to meet your designated completion deadline.

Put your Tulsa and OKC commercial roofing problems in our trusty hands by giving is a ring right now to obtain a no-cost price estimate.

Give us the privilege of selecting the specific type of surface for your individualized needs. Assuring your full satisfaction is always our main agenda and top priority. As such, you may rest assured in the knowledge that our recommendations stem from superior expertise to identify the best option to serve your needs and protect your interests.

We're here to help with your commercial roofing needs.

We’re here to help with your commercial roofing needs.

Asphalt Roofing
This by far the most common type of commercial roofing material in America. Its durability, cost efficiency, and versatility ensures its continuing popularity. Because we are official certified by the #1 U.S. roofing brand known as “GAF,” you reap the rewards of 25 to 50-year full warranties on all labor and materials for maximum peace of mind.

One-ply surface shingles.
EPDM and TPO membrane shingles are essentially rollable sheets connected by thermal fusion. This material type is currently the most rapidly growing commercial roofing surface structure. Besides protecting deep slopes in underlying land, these materials feature remarkable flexibility to enable easy maneuvering without excessive costly waste by tearing and cracking that render shingles unusable.

Despite being available in a wide diversity of colors, plain white offers the best reflective capacity that refracting close to 90% of direct sunlight. Net result: extremely waterproof, energy efficiency, and lower HVAC repair and maintenance expenditures. We affect these added bonuses for customers by insisting on nothing less than the very best – GAF.

Accumulated and Tar Shingles.
This is a multi-level surface structure, each layer of which consists of asphalt or coal tar with gravel and felt reinforcements. its main benefit is proven protection against outside elements that potentially cause severe roof damage (i.e.; hail, prolonged heat exposure; leakage).

Metal Roof Materials
We possess all essential skills and specialized expertise for competent installation of metallic commercial roofing materials at the lowest cost in the least amount of time. Our superior service encompasses Galvalume, steel, and aluminum. Our extensive practical experience in all types of material installations ensure the best possible outcome – the first time around.

Flat-lying paneling. Shingle surface overlap to ensure full area coverage and optimal energy conservation. They are remarkably resistant to water leakage, precipitation penetration, and entrapped foreign debris.

Standing seams. Elevated ribbed edges interwoven slightly above-surface to keep vulnerable components completely out of harm’s way. Standing seam designs are specially made to withstand strong winds and come an a vast assortment of appealing hues.